Useful tutorials, articles, websites and Apps I discovered.

11th Feb 2019Principles For Success by Ray DalioPersonal DevelopmentPrinciples for Success distilled into a 30 minute ultra mini series that focuses on the life principles.
29th Jan 2019How To Be SuccessfulPersonal DevelopmentA blog post by Sam Altman talk about his 13 thoughts about how to achieve such outlier success.
28th Jan 2019How much is your website worthWebEver thought of how much should your website/ side project worth? This is an easy guide to valuation.
26th Jan 2019Startup GraveyardStartupA website for entrepreneurs to avoid making same mistake as those failed startups.
23rd Jan 2019Up and to the rightPersonal DevelopmentA story about a developer who stay persistence in his side project.
22nd Jan 2019Javascript animation libraryDevelopmentEasy to use Javascript Anmation library with 28k stars in Github
21st Jan 2019Free music for your videoToolsLicense free music to your next video
19th Jan 2019Wordpress Sitekit betaToolsBest of google tools in wordpress, Site Kit shows key metrics and insights from four different Google products.
18th Jan 2019React Developer RoadmapDevelopmentChart demonstrating the paths that you can take and libraries that you would want to learn to become a React developer.
17th Jan 2019Get DataToolsGet Training data for Machine learning, structured data from a few clicks,
15th Jan 2019Github Chrome extensionToolsAn awesome chrome extension to show code tree for GitHub.
14th Jan 2019The History of everythingAppThe History of Everything is an opensourced vertical timeline app that allows you to navigate, explore, and compare events from the Big Bang to the birth of the Internet. Events are beautifully illustrated and animated.
13rd Jan 2019A Beginner’s Guide to GraphQLTutorialGraphQL is the best way to build APIs. This article will tell you why you should start to learn it today.
12nd Jan 2019Get a Gatsby Progressive Web App Running in Just 20 MinutesTutorialIn this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get Gatsby Progressive Web App up and running in only 20 minutes while also exploring key tools for understanding and working with PWAs.
9th Jan 201912 Things I Learned from Chris Dixon about StartupsStartupAn article about lesson learned from startup, great read for founders who is currently struggling.
7th Jan 2019EthHub - A website to learn about EthereumWebEthHub provide a single source for essential Ethereum information
5th Jan 2019List of tutorials to learn how to build a better web by google.TutorialLearn how to build the future of the web by Google web platform team, such as progressive web app, faster loading times and easily discoverable website.
4th Jan 2019How to build a Gatsby advance BlogTutorialGatsby can be easily to start with, but if you want to leverge the power of Gatsby, read this tutorial.
3rd Jan 2019Startup Book ClubPersonal DevelopmentReading is a universal habit among successful thinkers—but a hard habit to build when you have access to youtube. This website let you find great books where startup founder reads.
2nd Jan 2019My experience with toxic teamsCareerI have worked in a toxic team environement before, this is a good article about working with toxic team member.
1st Jan 2019Gatsby TutorialTutorialA collection of high quality Gatsby tutorials