This is a list for me to keep track of what I need to do/had done for my website in 2019.

Additional Feature

  • display tags in blog posts

  • Filter blog post by tag.

  • Filter resources by category.

  • Change Logo

  • Define a theme

  • Add Resume.

  • Allow user to submit form.

  • Side Project page.

  • Portfolio page.

  • Add adsense on blog post.

  • Add How to Page

  • Add favicon



  • SEO for the site


~Setup Analytics~ ~Fix Homepage image to responsive.~ ~Add padding in blog post~ ~Fix mobile menu~ ~Sort blog post by descending date~ ~ Add Next and Previous button in Blog~ ~ Fix Blog post height. ~ ~ About Me in Blog ~ ~ Add custom metadata. ~ ~ sorted resources by date ~ ~ Added source file system for how to folder ~

About Me

I am a self-taught developer who is passionate about software development, entrepreneurship and finance. I love to write about my daily life at work and outside work.

You can find more about me on  Kenneth Au LinkedIn