After procrastinating for so many years, I have finally decided to rebuild my personal website. The previous website was built around 3 years ago when I first start learning web development.

Some Background about me

I was previously working in the finance industry as an analyst in treasury and financial market for almost 8 years. I decided to make a career change during my 30s. I did finance back in uni and the only thing I know about coding was some really basic loop in Excel VBA, I initially taught myself how to code via youtube and Treehouse, my personal website was built with Wordpress, and that was the first website I built.

Why Gatsby?

I had heard so many cool stuff from Gatsby, it uses, markdown, react fast etc. and in my previous role, I was working in a startup as a frontend developer. I learn my React and Redux skills from there, and I personally believe, react and react native will be used by a lot of major company in the futures.

About Me

I am a self-taught developer who is passionate about software development, entrepreneurship and finance. I love to write about my daily life at work and outside work.

You can find more about me on  Kenneth Au LinkedIn